Osteopathy is a holistic method of examination and treatment, which together with manual techniques, can be used at various layers


Physiotherapy is a treatment method which promotes, maintains and restores the human body’s ability to move and function

Alternative Therapy

As alternative practitioners, we are able to identify physical and psychological ailments, and offer individual therapy and treatment

Our treatment philosophy

Body, mind and soul make up each human being.

The human being is complex, and exposed to many influences. We therefore follow an holistic approach to treatment, in which all these influences are integrated into the examination and treatment. In addition to the physical side, we also go into the personal circumstances. Professional and psychological strains, diet and sport all play an important role.

We always perform a thorough anamnesis and examination, which provides the basis for a appropriate treatment.

After that, we will discuss and document the objectives of the therapy with you. All this is the foundation of a customized treatment plan.

Together we will then work on the implementation of the plan to ensure the objectives of the therapy are met, and hence ensure its success.
In addition to our own qualifications, we also have access to an excellent network of doctors and therapists in other fields, whom we can refer you to as and when necessary.

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