Everyone is talking about the coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) and its consequences, and as the virus becomes more widespread, the uncertainty among the population also increases. How should I behave? Should I still take the train? In the past few days we have received more and more questions as to whether osteopathic / physiotherapeutic treatment in the current situation represents too great a risk of infection or whether it makes sense? We would like to take away this uncertainty and inform you about what we do in our practice to avoid infection and spreading of the coronavirus:

  • We are well equipped with mouthguards for therapists and if desired, also for patients
  • If desired, we treat you with disposable gloves
  • We wash and disinfect our hands after each treatment
  • Hand sanitizer is available for our patients in the reception area
  • We disinfect all surfaces and areas of our practice that are accessible to people several times a day

So with us you are us in good, safe and above all germ-free hands

Best regards and stay healthy.

Your ateré team

Health care facilities remain open!

Measures to contain the corona pandemic

Dear patients,

due to current events, we would like to inform you about our measures to contain the Corona pandemic.

In order to be able to continue to offer you our usual standard of therapy, certain hygiene rules must also be observed in our practice.

Physiotherapists and osteopaths, like doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and nursing services, are part of the core of health care and therefore remain explicitly open.

Your therapy:

A doctor’s prescription proves the medical necessity of their treatment, therapies already started will be continued and we will also gladly accept their new prescription.

However, if you feel ill or show symptoms that could indicate an incipient illness (e.g. general cold symptoms), we ask you to cancel your appointment as a precaution and for the protection of patients and therapists. To do so, notify us as usual via phone or email, early if you can.

When you are with us:

Immediately upon entering our office, we ask that you disinfect your hands (disinfection dispensers are located in the office entryway) and wear a mouth guard if available. Of course, our therapists also wear mouth guards and follow all the hygiene rules that are necessary for them.

Thank you and stay healthy,

Teresa Kamiyar and René Felsing

“Health care facilities remain open”

We are still here for you!

On March 16, the federal and state governments decided that health care facilities will remain open in compliance with increased hygiene requirements.

The exact wording of the press conference and other decisions can be found here:

We look forward to continuing to treat you, but advise all of our patients to be careful, even on the way to our office. Walk or take a ride on your bike. The weather is on your side 🙂

Continue to take care of yourself and those around you and stay healthy.


Teresa Kamiyar and René Felsing

Risk patients

We ask our patients who belong to risk groups to consider whether treatment is really necessary under the circumstances. Do not be afraid to postpone your appointment until the risk has subsided. We need to look out for each other and thus protect the people who are most at risk from the virus.

current developments

Our training area is open!