Everyone is talking about the coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) and its consequences, and as the virus becomes more widespread, the uncertainty among the population also increases. How should I behave? Should I still take the train? In the past few days we have received more and more questions as to whether osteopathic / physiotherapeutic treatment in the current situation represents too great a risk of infection or whether it makes sense? We would like to take away this uncertainty and inform you about what we do in our practice to avoid infection and spreading of the coronavirus:

  • We are well equipped with mouthguards for therapists and if desired, also for patients
  • If desired, we treat you with disposable gloves
  • We wash and disinfect our hands after each treatment
  • Hand sanitizer is available for our patients in the reception area
  • We disinfect all surfaces and areas of our practice that are accessible to people several times a day

So with us you are us in good, safe and above all germ-free hands

Best regards and stay healthy.

Your ateré team

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