Cost takeover Osteopathy

Patients insured with the german national health insurance system e.g. gesetzliche Krankenversicherung

Information about health insurers which reimburse osteopathic treatment can be found under the following link:

Patients with private health insurance and those entitled to aid with supplementary insurance

Please contact your health insurer before beginning treatment in order to find out if costs for osteopathy are covered.

In general, there are two possible ways receiving treatment and covering costs:

  1. With a private prescription from your medical practitioner:
    The diagnosis and the number of osteopathic treatments should be noted on the prescription. Each treatment will be invoiced individually after treatment.
  2. Without prescription:
    Treatment will be invoiced according to the fee ordinance for medical practioners.

Please contact us if you need any further information.

Cost takeover Physiotherapy

Our concept comprises a holistic therapy.

To guarantee this, private patients, direct payers or those suffering from work-related accidents covered by the German regulations for occupational insurance schemes are welcome to visit us anytime and be assured optimal care.

Unfortunately our physiotherapy treatments are not covered by the the German national health insurance system e.g. gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (for salaried employees).

Information about cost transfer for our patients

For privately insured patients or patients entitled to aid with supplementary insurance

We and other therapists are hearing more and more often about private health insurers who have rejected, in part, physiotherapists’ invoices and the reimbursement of costs. The insurers are claiming that the invoiced fees are “not appropriate” and are using the beihilfesätze for orientation.
Indi­vi­dual Insurance Agreements

Please check in your insurance terms and conditions from which percentage to which maximum amount your private health insurere will reimburse costs for Remedy products. If this is 100% and there is no maximum amount or patient’s contribution (excess), your private health insurer must pay the whole invoice, unless you have agreed upon a tariff with restrictions.

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