The coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) and its consequences are on everyone’s lips and with the increasing spread of the virus, the uncertainty in the population is also increasing. In recent days, we have received more and more questions about whether osteopathic / physiotherapeutic treatment in the current situation poses a risk of infection.

Here we inform you about the relevant development for your treatment and a possible risk of infection.

As of 16.03.2020, there is no recommendation from the health authorities regarding physiotherapeutic or osteopathic individualtreatments. Only group exercises and KGG with more than 2 persons should not be performed to avoid mutual infection.

We consistently implement the generally recommended safety measures:

Disinfection measures

We disinfect all surfaces and areas of our practice accessible to our patients several times a day.

Our therapists wash and disinfect their hands after each treatment.

After each treatment, all contact surfaces in the rooms are disinfected.

After each training session, all previously used training equipment such as “kettlebell”, dumbbell bars, balls, etc. are disinfected.

Keep a safe distance of 1.5 -2 meters from strangers

Take care of yourself, your families and each other and stay healthy. Only together can we overcome this crisis.

Warm regards,

Teresa Kamiyar and René Felsing

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